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 Rules in Charms Class

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Rules in Charms Class Empty
PostSubject: Rules in Charms Class   Rules in Charms Class EmptyTue May 28, 2013 11:02 pm

First and foremost, welcome to Charms class! I will do my best to make the class as interesting as possible, though forgive me if I can't. (Sometimes I just can't do it. *sigh*) Now, since we all (probably) want to get on with class, and I think you DO want a class where we can actually learn, here are a few rules to follow while you are in my class.

1. Respect the teacher (me! Very Happy)
I don't care if you know me from whatever place, or is my best friend, or whatever. I am a teacher in this class, and should be given all due respect. Therefore, I do not want to see students badmouthing me in this class. It will result in detention. Also, please raise your hand if you are answering a question. I can choose to ignore you if you don't do so.

2. Be punctual!

Do not be late for my class (or any class for that matter) unless you have a valid reason. It is disruptive and no one likes it. This also counts for homework (which I may or may not give). Homework is to be sent to me by owl and I expect my homework to be handed in on time. Late homework will be ignored unless you have given me of a valid reason of handing it in late.

3. Enjoy yourselves!
I hope these rules don't put you off my class, and so this is the last rule. I don't want a boring class, no one does! So, don't let me talk to a wall, be as lively as you can without being disrespectful, and lastly, Happy Charms!

That's it for rules! Feel free to owl me if you need anything! Very Happy
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Rules in Charms Class
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