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Ginny Gage McCall
Ginny Gage McCall

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PostSubject: Practicing   Practicing EmptyThu May 30, 2013 10:37 am

Ginny walked into the Room of Requirement, right now, it looked like a good place to practice Charms. She smiled and noticed there were charm books on a few shelves, pillows, a few tables, and some couches. She looked at this, and put her notebook on a shelf. Hopefully, she'd remember to pick it up after she was done practicing. She looked around and picked a schoolbook from one of the many shelves. She decided to practice Wingardium Leviosa first, and then practice random Charm spells. She practiced with pillows first, they were a bit harder than levitating pillows. She practiced, until the pillows could lift up to the ceiling. She looked around wondering what else to levitate. The couch would be to heavy, so would the table.
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