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Beauty Solomon
Beauty Solomon

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PostSubject: Professors   Professors EmptyMon May 27, 2013 11:04 pm

To apply for a Professor position please fill out a application consisting of these three points.

1. Why would your character make a good Professor?

2. A sample rp of a lesson.

3. What position you would like to teach and why?

Please owl your completed application to any of the head of Houses or Headmistress Kess. Very Happy

Open Positions...( If they are in red that means the position is taken)

Potions Professor: Dragon Immorta
Divinition Professor
Herbology Professor
Flying Instructor
D.A.D.A. Professor: Beauty Soloman
Charms Professor: Elin Whiteraven
Transfiguration Professor: Amelia Blevins
Astronomy Professor
Care of Magical Creatures: Astra Ravenwood
History of Magic Professor
Arthimancy Professor

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