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Morgana Emrys
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Morgana Emrys

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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Morgana Emrys   Morgana Emrys EmptyWed Jun 19, 2013 10:06 pm

Example RP, Min. of 100 words

As I observed the rainy day outside from my bedroom window, I dreamt about a great adventure with monsters and caves and pirates, but I was stuck here. I just learnt that the Robinsons adopted me. They didn’t know what had happened to my parents though. They told me that they always loved me and that my real surname was Emrys. I always thought Morgana Robinson was a good enough name, but now my name was just weird. I mean what kind of name is Morgana Emrys?! What were my biological parents thinking?! The Robinsons took me in because Mrs. Robinsons has a medical condition that doesn't let her have a child of her own. I hate to admit it but when you look at our family the first thing that comes to your mind is "rich". My parents don't mind that fact much. I do. It's not that I hate being rich. I'm just so tired of having someone help me every time or the fact that when I go to school there are only rich snobs. I just want to be an adventurer and have some unimaginable adventures. The worst is that I don't feel like I'm enough for the Robinsons. I'm not all that smart, I'm not competitive, and I don't work well with people, I'm clumsy, and ungraceful, I just don't have a sparkle. I'm pretty sure the Robinsons regret their decision of taking me in. I love my adoptive parents they're nice but that makes it even worse to think that someone you love is disappointed in you. As I sigh dramatically, I saw an object flying in the rain. As it drew closer I could see that it was some kind of bird. I noticed it was coming straight in my direction. I opened the window as it landed on my windowsill. It was all wet and had a completely dry brown envelope in its beak. "That's strange, owls don't carry mail and the envelope isn't even wet", I thought. Thinking I had lost my mind I turned the envelope around. It read "Robinson Mansion, 123 Perfection Avenue, Family Wing, Second Largest Room". I was shocked to say the least. "Is this some kind of a joke?" I said in a voice barely above a whisper. I ran into my parents’ room without knocking. "What are you doing here? If this is about the adoption then you must know we love you right?" asked mum. 

"No it's not about that. I think I'm being stalked." 

"What makes you think that?" 

"Look at this." I gave them the envelope.

"Well it is strange.,” said mum.

"I think we should open it." I knew it could be dangerous but oh well.

"...Ok go on." My mother gave me the envelope after a long thinking session.

"What kind of a joke is this?!" I felt like laughing.

"What does it say?" my parents seemed curious and worried at the same time. 

"It says I'm accepted into a wizardry school and that there is a headmistress called Mrs.Kess!" I said. 

"What?!" said my parents in unison. 

"Yeah it's true read it." I gave them the letter.

"Oh my, it is true." said mum.

"What do we do?" I asked.

"It says they await your owl. What do you think that means?" now they were really confused.

"Well an owl delivered the letter. I wonder how the envelope stayed dry though." I sounded pretty weird when I said that.

"Don't be silly owls don't deliver letters." said mum. 

"That's how the letter came I swear." I of course had nothing else to say.

"Well what do we do?" Dad had voiced the thought on everyone's mind.

"I think we should...." whatever mum thought we should do was never known because of the bell. Henry the butler went to answer. He then came to ask if he should let the person in. Dad said yes so Henry left. We all went to the tea room where we waited in silence. Then a woman came in.

"Hello I'm Professor Beauty Solomon from Hogwarts."(Am I allowed to mention other people? If not I'm sorry. ) She explained about the wizarding world and Hogwarts.

"Would you like to go shopping today or another time?" she asked.

"I don't think I can take anymore of this today but I don't want to bother you next time." I said shocked and uneasy.

"We can ask Henry to go and remember it. You said there was a pub that only wizards can see. You could just bring him to the street and then Morgana will see it the next time we go" said mum. I had to give it to her it was a very good idea. 

"Well alright. Oh then here you go", giving a map to mum, " it's a map of Diagon Alley."

After a good luck, thank yous, and a see you in a few weeks the lady was gone with a crack.



A few hours later...

The whole family was in the main living room when a person in black robes and a silver mask appeared. He started doing something with his wand that scared all of us. He then pointed his wand at my parents who were sharing a couch. I didn't know what to do I was so scared for them. Then without thinking I just stood in front of my parents. And then the person fired a green spell. Even having my brain I knew the spell was nasty and I wished I could save my parents and me. That's when it happened. One of the couches came right in front of me and the spell hit it. The couch was partly destroyed but the remains hit the man very hard and he disappeared. I would think back on this moment and realize that this was my first and last bout of accidental magic. And then I felt it my sparkle the thing that made me special it was love and bravery. My last thought was "Hogwarts BRING IT ON!". Of course I fainted after that. 



What house would you preferably be in?




What are your characters traits?

Clumsy, not very smart, doesn't work well in groups, pure of heart, brave when it's most important. 

Is your character an Adult or a Student?

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Headmistress Kess
Headmistress Kess

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Character sheet

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PostSubject: Re: Morgana Emrys   Morgana Emrys EmptyThu Jun 20, 2013 12:02 pm

Accepted. You are sorted into Gryffindor!
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Morgana Emrys
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