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 Alexis Ray

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Alexis Ray

Alexis Ray

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PostSubject: Alexis Ray   Alexis Ray EmptyTue Oct 29, 2013 3:09 pm

Example RP: Alexis was excited she was going to Hogwarts she had always dreamed of going since her older brother Lucas went. She looked out of the window watching the fields the trees birds and the sky. Her older sister had told her that they make you do a dangerous task to get sorted Alexis didn't believe her but if there were a dangerous task she wouldn't be scared. She had put on her robes and was looking at some cool spells in her book she put it away as the train came to a stop. She was ready to start a brand new life.

What are your characters traits?: smart often sarcastic kind brave hot tempered funny

Is your character an Adult or a Student?: Student
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Alexis Ray
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