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 Jasper Starkiss

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Jasper Starkiss

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100+ Word RP
Jasper stepped through the wide doors to the Entrance Hall with all the other first years, feeling excessively awkward in his black robes. All the other first years were nervous and excited, but he still felt out of place. The whole concept of magic was foreign to him, being muggle-born, and he didn't know anyone. He also didn't know how to reach out. He saw other students chattering away with friends old and new, but he stood silently on his own, unsure of what to do. Finally, the Professor from before ushered the first years into the Great Hall. When it was at last his turn to wear the Sorting Hat, he closed his eyes, gritted his teeth, and waited, praying he wasn't here by some grave error.

Character traits
stoic, awkward, defensive, rule-breaker, tough when he has to be

Adult or Student?
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Jasper Starkiss
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