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 Rules and Regulations

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Beauty Solomon
Beauty Solomon

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Mon May 27, 2013 11:23 pm

*sigh* I know how you guys hate reading these but let's get this over with.
1. No language that would be frowned upon by most unless you put a warning in the title of the thread. So basically please don't let out any f-bomb unless you warn people about it! Very Happy
2. No spamming. Please don't. It's plain annoying and it takes forever to delete. Please, just no spamming....
3. No sexual scenes show graphically. I'm not saying your characters can't be on third base here, that's your choice. But please, not everyone wants to read about it.
4. Ahh.. I love the number 4, you know why? Because its the last rule! So rule number 4 is just to have fun!! Do anything you want here, like play quidditch, go to classes, pull pranks, make friends, or go to Hogsmeade! What ever gives you a laugh. Just make sure it doesn't interrupt my sleep schedule... Very Happy I'm joking!!
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Rules and Regulations
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